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    Alisiya and Boris Soltariyski

    No Anesthesia


    At the bottom to believe in you and I did not stop to tip your hand held,
    get there and it was great, forget about “will not betray you”.
    All of you will sell, you’ll be back just to know
    and empty it in me fill in a piece for this pain in me no anesthesia.

    having a daughter someday in her eyes to see me,
    my daughter will be yours, because you’re mine.
    having a daughter the same and you lit house,
    my daughter will be yours, my my, my, my. /

    Then you can with others I was, but I never cheated,
    I kissed them, hugged them in my hands they, in your heart you.
    prevents women to body me, but to them heart stopping you,
    after all the kisses I’ve missed yours, this pain I have no anesthetic.

    Chorus: (x2)