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    100 Kila and Kuku Bend (Ku-Ku)

    Tyson Belly Mother


    Hands above mother keel baby Varna gull
    Thirst thirst me trying persons trying mAh, thirst thirst
    me me struggling, thirst thirst me trying ma ma trying
    struggling, thirst thirst me trying ma.
    Now I will speak keel know I always
    Varna Hi mom eastern end ai ai baby baby Give Give Give
    to laugh and be silent and to traym that Big
    both igraym that with both Big
    will become readily napraym tonight are the tomorrow we
    Hi Come on baby bye bye Ratzel above!
    seven and eight will fell, seven and eight will
    lying, seven eight to bed alone.
    smile and lit cat moon, butt and lit into sex
    golden blond hair nice second floor sunk in
    fog saw me she shiny car I saw her ass his
    turned inside warm, warm barely turned
    thirst, thirst tormented me ma, thirst thirst me
    trying ma!
    seven and eight will fell seven eight will
    lying, seven and eight will again alone.
    Kuku Band baby, 100 pounds greeting for all baby