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    Alisiya and Konstantin

    It's Not You


    Dopresh you another promise to be dead.
    sweet when you’re upset
    and champagne to soda.
    Go go, go, go, hissing me.
    I always straight edge I just did not understand.
    But all I forgive, I forgive you and it.
    even wrote it on your car … ha-ha with nails.
    not you, if I’m not enraged.
    I am not, unless you get it back. and when
    sucks act,
    love you and will not leave.
    not you, if you do not piss me off .
    I am not, unless you get it back.
    Dopresh you dpuga to dead promise.
    I already three times the life you save.
    Go to argue, like me.
    soil and glasses broke, but
    bed with you I will break then.
    Na’shte trouble pleasing me know.
    Come and stretched my nerves completely.
    kiss then sweet to me most …