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    Alisiya and Skandau

    My Paradise


    Do I look like obscene,
    should I be sincere and personal?
    Typically to be atypical.
    we have a connection? Yes, excellent!
    And every time I closeby
    I’m your emergency exit.
    might take me all night, but will
    candidates to its bad!
    I know how to get into your dream
    and pull each other out.
    Oh, and you want to do, oh, yes and you want it!
    know how to get in your dream
    and pull each other out.
    Oh, and you want to do, oh, to what the fu * ck?
    you’re a demon in my paradise,
    start on my end.
    Baby, do you love it,
    babu, do we love it?
    sentences in the words are empty and
    know that if I’m gone, they tease!
    What do you like me to show me,
    of your tongue, but you can not tell.
    There are others, but I only want you …
    I am with you not because Bentley!
    Important moments are dear to me,
    you got me, but they clients! Get
    ! Wha them pricking my beard?
    Her “G” point is my car!
    men do ma monkeys,
    only “aa yy” I have no words!
    More I’m better both old and new!
    Fulmat is old can now go home. you even
    mY shortcomings,
    soul that it remain fingerprints!
    in an hour you you tell me pass you?
    Tell me about you?
    Here’s my body, give me your soul!