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    Andrea and Lyusi

    Fire In The Blood


    Are not you my sin,
    where I was.
    Do not fall in love with me!
    I did not know your laughter,
    am I not your fear.
    Do not fall in love with me!
    not I the one that
    a fire in your blood.

    Chorus: Do
    fires still light
    night in your bed.
    want to touch
    and now enchant your heart.

    View our bodies are silent,
    our hands crawl. Do not be
    falls in love with me!
    again now for the umpteenth time,
    blasé not sleep.
    Do not fall in love with me!


    without knocking enter into this track, as
    unknown exactly Miss Tourism.
    Come give me free minutes
    and your boots to pull off my bed.
    was a dream or reality, come on to play
    finals on my couch.
    mind come visit me
    for a coffee and a cigarette before then.

    Chorus: (x2)