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    Andrea and Suzanitta

    Strictly Prohibited


    Short connections baby, dirty’re tearing
    and baby back as late.
    I’m with him, baby him.
    Boom-boom-digi-digi-boom-boom-boom-boom !

    plan to plan piecing like Lego,
    Nicole and I, I’m with him.
    with him, baby him, with him.
    Bum- digi-boom-dykes-boom-boom-boom-boom!

    strictly prohibited, baby, strictly forbidden,
    heart let him alone.
    only it hates me go, drinking is given,
    to anyone just get used.
    Yes, yes, yes, yes!

    Do you know where to zabiesh ur ego?
    where let him alone, just him
    and “De Fevgo” you write, but do not come, but do not come.
    Yes, yes, yes, yes!

    puppet will ever find,
    just look, but not to me. I’m
    baby with him, with him.
    boom-boom-digi-digi-boom-boom-bum- boom!

    again and again calling, but busy,
    nobody, and I am now with him.
    with him, baby him, with him.


    Suzanita enter here, here here!
    possessed Do you cost? (x2)
    Would hate us, and we are all fans,
    to hear tracks payments in green was.
    go around in Dubai standby, Abu Dhabi,
    I tell you bye you will lure.
    everywhere’m cool, but do not brag,
    started you move, every me off.
    stalk gracefully without unnecessary bends, greeting
    for all “Chalga butterflies”.
    Andrea baby with him and stayed with him, both
    Chez they dismantled just like lego.
    lego, lego, lego! Bang-bang-dykes dykes-Bang-Bang-Bang-Bang! (X2)