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    Andrea, Honn Kong, 100 Kila, Krisko and Dim4Ou

    Feel The Real


    Hey keel baby Twenty, twentieth and osemnaysi, fildarilmi
    Hey Hey Hey Ok Dj Tanyo J remix.

    are trying to sins me order the hooks me
    lurking but can to stop me, because in the club
    Palin in the city Palio, Palio tires, cats

    in the club sweaty pocket circulating, calling on that call squish my
    animal, not checkers, give in quietly,
    ventilatura let that Chez become very warm, enter the club is already there
    gangsters have here, gangsters out there, smoke and
    wonder who to give, from MY MY is here from out there,
    forgot heard I said fack fack fack fakay is said
    fack fack fack fack fakay is, you go in only shorts and ask is
    Does vodka menu with burgers, she primers of
    crazy not seen not heard my chance to fuck a hundred
    above zero.