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    Ani Hoang and Dee



    Are you the first lady? Or I’m not understand,
    entry and alarm dike, wet carpet, you light orchestra.
    Papi is crazy mami, raining fiery waterfalls,
    panthers, gazelles do not apply as you here everything is shit .

    Pour tequila me, pulls me to curl,
    to smoke, drink, head sha away.
    damn how to kiss with thought of you go to bed and wake
    and how the hell to pretend they hate first, then jealous.
    and I with thee I run away, but when you’re away mad,
    are not they probably taught as a child, with the matches very, very careful.

    I repeat again or something not comprehend, I will do what anybody should,
    IIIe and caught in the trap, look yes, dike to.
    Papi, Papi come! (x3)
    Pali, Pali now! (x3)

    I’ll tell you Papi, I do not want unnecessary drama,
    fast, but slowly danger has to be with me.
    count to two before to say “no”, as they thought blots,
    pulse you stop, breathe you in hell.

    your cat in my yard are winding,
    only you k Azha, that should her paish.
    La vida loca, mamita moca,
    ask for sod, co Xia to repent.
    Dale, dale mami mueva lo, mueva lo,
    take grab mami, Kiss it, price it.
    Manny, Manny mami, you open old wounds,
    Manny, Manny, life is money.

    Chorus:With matches very, very careful.
    Papi, Papi come! (x3)
    Pali, Pali now! (x3)
    With matches very, very careful.