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    Ani Hoang and Silvar

    I'm Starting To Squish


    Shout excavators that sha you dig. (X2)

    Shout excavators that sha you dig,
    take from mine, to you remains the tea.
    Oily pies to muffins turn,
    seeing plan B-minute, start to vomit.

    Chorus: (x2)
    begins to crumple, the question you squish, (x2)
    begin to fight, hey Xia sha your break.

    and taking, want with me can you light,
    and smoke, want with me to smoke.
    and saying, I want all show,
    and learn everything with me to learn.

    I chase them from afar, not even enter the template,
    my crown is any, does not bother me Pagona.
    I define the law, not my cat persona,
    go and sit on the throne, are all in my zone. Because

    Chorus: (x2)

    I woke up in the pocket and Maserati have hundred salaries,
    woke up in a limousine and sha them spend all summer, all winter. (x2)
    Grab, get, get.

    And here I go, what anybody I meet you, I’m not a poll,
    with knee bouquet killed authority.
    I do not my verse Rachel and pretend to be vilified,
    that respect me to you is totally zero.

    Chorus: (x2)