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    Ani Hoang

    What 'look At Me


    Quo look at me (x2)
    quo look at me, R * tch, what ‘look at me
    On-airing is doing (x2)
    On-airing is doing, n * TST, of airing pretend
    Huh think you’re better than me? (X3)
    K * tch, Huh think you’re better than me,?
    quickly you pass by, the moment get out (x4)
    P * TKO, quickly pass by, now get out of
    Barry Canty, march ma
    P * tkata your dusty
    you literally terrible
    Pali rims march ma
    your car falls cat eyelash
    Look at k’va its ligla (x2)
    you are not Queen of Spades, and n * a valve
    bury them all
    Cry excavator
    P * tki melt them bearings
    Cry excavators
    melted bilagerite
    Huh laugh like a frog, ma?
    On Zacharia your God, am a grandmother ma!
    I vietnamche, not Chinese
    on # Maykatiuragana are our mother
    Do not be k * chka eat Chez ma
    remember that I am Vietnamese
    your profession is small
    I lead IONICĂ
    I want to tell you that your k * PBA as Monica
    not moesh me step on the little finger
    not moesh me stand on the fat finger
    With the fat finger
    not to moesh I step on the little finger
    moesh not to step on my middle finger
    nit, eat prashki
    you Ekstenshana There lice (x2)
    Crab, dying her mother Bambi
    Hide your kitten in the bag
    Ole, chica, fight your whip (x3)
    Here is bipulyarna error
    I do not know what is cool and what is crazy
    View co?
    Do you take off too early, ma
    Huh is praish of Nikoleta Lozanova
    I General and pa you Novobranka (peacefully)
    you me my shadow
    you’re my shadow me
    P * TKO, he fell to his knees
    you’re so ugly that not mine to him become (x3)
    ‘re so lower that you fall pants
    your fall makeup you is a monster
    Give it leaves that cut pm * tala
    stopping this beat that the soil of Great
    cappella rhymes, Chichi, big ego
    big, teeth order them as a LEGO
    now it’s time to go to the village
    Come on let go beat him, you do not I can without him