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    Do not go secretly neighbor,
    money we take prostitute.
    What do you say I’m your bitch, legal.

    What is your fantasy wet,
    say my inflatable doll you.
    boots and whips walk into the kitchen and bedroom.

    in the evening, morning kama sutra, I am your Cleopatra,
    strict mistress, evil and slave in your feet.
    Clean, dirty, full, empty, I as foreign to them convulse,
    porn diva at home to cook for you and feathers do not want.

    your wife nymphomaniac birth,
    wife of stuff is great.
    and you call me where is my beer, shamelessness.

    Tell me you do a performance,
    massages with happy end liberation.
    Tell me without fellatio do not lie down, my blood is.

    you did not read my menu, I’m your menu, make the bed, yeah, tell me where
    everywhere, for you good soil.
    your girl is actually a tigress, your girl is a bitch,
    but only yours, just tell me to bite you?
    I am the ordinary, but in bed I’m crazy,
    oh, wow-wow-les they ate.
    want less rigid, you only have the problem,
    oh, wow-wow-les I fixed it.