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    Sing The Joke Of The Year


    Pray for a little attention!
    have more awards for singers,
    be their bigger tits.
    And may the Lord give them much,
    many interests and many casualties.

    Eye, stop Ville was!

    White Mercedes still haunt me,
    100 years longer text does not change.
    Instead Radka any wandering is piratka,
    tigers are cats and hubavtsi.

    Instead of white rose, short parsley
    and fashion pharaohs are again.
    to sing for you Shoppe salad?
    The meal warmed to bear.

    Chorus (x2)
    Bulgar, Bulgar - chalga is king,
    I’m the queen without comment.
    Dimitrovgrad - our Baghdad.
    I got you your prize? You angry.

    We started with one lame ass,
    today we dream of again for Ferrari.
    Corkscrew already become a helicopter,
    dials us they have until now.Yahabibi was only Habib,
    Sandokan and two knives losses.
    Volna butterfly in folk music butterfly.
    What has become - you tell me?

    Chorus: (x2)

    you overshadowed me? It will not happen!
    Yes, but I’ve got boobs and I like that.
    A Stop Ville was! With the singing is not.
    Should my producer?

    Chorus (x2)