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    Azis and Vanko 1

    You Are Driving Me Crazy


    Vanko 1:
    Aide kitty cmon ..
    you’re my girl!

    Azis: / x2 
    burning can not know why
    want to cause you pain and suffering
    .. uh ..

    Vanko 1:
    on a short pass at you with 2-3 patent leather companions,
    day mouths least 2va … . hiledarki!
    is it a sin for you to Baran package?
    banknotes, blonde bitch, give me your turnover!
    love me is to stradash..ot my cock elated
    ha ! .. Be passive game of steam!
    Over the things you look high, not their king,
    maybe queen ??
    Chez they fondle as ego, alora prego!
    Whether you love mine?
    Kaf is this a lamborghini 19ka you shake,
    to shake as shvestar!?
    And call me “Vanko, is that you had Rio boss? ? “
    ..zadavash silly question!

    Azis: chorus / x2 
    without you do not hear and do not see the point in my life,
    without you breathe I have no strength ..znay ​​my life yOU!
    every day in your lies do you convince me ..
    crazy will you make me ?!
    .. oooh …

    Vanko 1:
    Yes, I am! .. Bad am ! .. but in bed - god I!
    You will cry and sing “How dare without me to live?”
    you love me - to hate,
    in frustration at my feet crawling!
    you said fuck, lest told PLAYER?
    Kitten, this is my game!

    Azis: chorus / x3