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    Bate Sasho and Violeta

    Do Not Lie


    Do not lie, MY lips and touch,
    say, be true once ..
    not lie, from your thoughts hurt,
    and you’re already with another right ….
    Picture my soul Bate ..

    I thought that I have many friends, but I was wrong ..
    fluttering about this, about that and saw
    when he was in lava froze all life, from
    falshivi cowards, my uncle has long nauseam …
    Now you’re my funny, big words fabulous,
    ears hurt from vashte bold statements.
    fitness walk, but again they caught shubeto.
    When it disappears heat heart.
    The next day my phone that I broke her guilty.
    I bushoniran big brother and you’re just worn-out.
    You were going to beat us together was a dude?
    Okazava is that finally I was 10 bitches ..
    Lord was with me, against seven donut,
    seen it all, which is a “pussy” and who is the man … let
    , let - villagers are speechless dirty!
    but karma Bate, ass soon will burst …
    I said, I do not even need revenge,
    everyone knows who is “Bate Sasho”, and you’re the reincarnation!
    on my people, in quotes again
    forgive … I’m sorry, but we can not forget …

    not lie, mY lips and touch,
    say, be true once …
    Do not lie on your thoughts and
    hurt you anymore with another right …

    The last verse for you lazhkinyo,
    brain tricks, like Ronaldinho.
    But I play chess, using a clever defense,
    and you use rich old farts money …
    How do you sleep? Beautiful Creatures full of lies …
    and some do not sleep because it hurts inside them …
    You swore to others that you love?
    However, it turned out that his lies
    lost … I understand little, do not know what you want.
    Every night, drunk, drugged and depressed,
    can not help you if alone not trying.
    for myself I’m sure clean slate, no
    what anybody tell you, words are unnecessary,
    wont now, you’re in a previous column …
    This is more well, no longer feel anything.
    good luck with your Uncle coin,
    to tell any other that I am guilty …
    But you and I know the truth, ‘Tis I am calm.
    we are a new meeting to finish up there.
    before the Lord, but there is no way to go with this number …

    Chorus: Do not lie
    , mY lips and touch,
    say, be true once ..
    Do not lie on your thoughts hurt,
    and you’re already with another, right? (X3)