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    Blago Borisov and Ekstra Nina

    Is There More


    Is there more? (X8) More
    . (X2)

    will break from bass cabinets, want more and more Pour me,
    want to body body with you, testing me, there is no time.
    you sip by sip to drink, each “no” from mind to delete,
    want lips on me to feel, test me, you’re the boss.

    It is illegal in my thoughts you, scandalously sexy,
    lewd glances slowed, but still in me his.
    only word we have to become hot, do you feel anything?
    Would you like it better? Just hold on to me.


    Is there more? (X12)

    These chills the skin are you and me broken,
    between cigarette smoke and ice cubes get drunk.
    I may be drunk, but they want closeby, double and clean,
    maybe did not understand, but just for me.

    Blood in me, I became a fan, both in the US like Rihanna,
    break walls, but you, only you, if you’re me, endlessly crazy.
    their blood in me, I became your fan, as the world loves Nirvana,
    break walls, but remember, if you’re me, others forget.

    Chorus: (x2)