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    High Voltage


    Take me there who will,
    not have to be a lady.
    Here and there you do place.

    I am this embers and light, stop your blood,
    stake of the parties always in mind.
    I am this who shunned for being healthy,
    that if I burn with you, is that you’re right.

    palamande, palamande,
    two with you, with you two.
    palamande, palamande!

    There woof and meow, and not bitch about.
    Jacko Are you?
    you still praying and talking.
    again? Wow!
    And now as I try,
    jam Do you?
    Every day and time you will ask,
    again when it will be?

    All I do, my brother, a’re not annoy me,
    cocoa crazy if I greasy.
    have to be careful with who and how you play,
    sister will wading.

    you boy, was I boy was. (x2)

    Everything I do, my brother, yes, yes,
    a’re not annoy me, tension is high.