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    Boris Dali

    You Do Not Spend


    Come here and look me in the eye
    to tell you about me and money:
    here, I have them, unlike yesterday,
    but I can not find …

    one wants me so born -
    strong, weak, great, simple.
    one count, but not money, but how
    alone in life beat.Chorus:
    tell me that they do not spend a penny,
    run when you give, offended!
    you do not like yachts.
    Clothes do not want, jewelry I never?!

    you are all my favorite.
    just fate rich they collect.
    money you do not know,
    like that you overlooked them!

    Sit down next to me and drink, I’m lonely,
    although for now all I’m great.
    Yes, money is easy to get everything,
    but when it will happen to me …