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    Boyka Dangova

    Prohibited Happiness


    God willing not to sreshttnem,
    would not be with you today.
    It was meant to be loving,
    our hearts in a burn.

    Chorus :
    forbidden happiness you.
    forbidden, but desires.
    because of your beautiful eyes, mY
    whitened hair.

    Memory dalechen- we were kids,
    both fascinate you our love, then
    loved another woman
    and I was left alone forever.

    How to believe in the winter day,
    Forgiveness came to to pray for me?
    with another lover have children,
    kidding with love?

    Asking heart then decide.
    suffer long if you forgive?
    we are all people every wrong,
    but a small mistake ruin everything.
    you know, I can not say no. How
    go, and then come
    God brings us together, devil divided
    not go, stay with me!