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    Denis Teofikov and Malkata

    And It Will Pass


    Ten days with you quarantined, and now it seems to me that year,
    no bars, no discos, and walk only two to pharmacies.
    Exactly at nine o’clock applause for nurses and assistants
    no matches, no Olympics, but look Mutafchiyski general.

    Chorus: (x3)
    but I knew one, we’ll deal with you and we will always wade,
    more balls with cars will soon bramchime little more and it will go away.

    for ten days you and I are in quarantine, and now it seems to me that year
    and bicker with you without Therefore, in December may have three.
    will ask a softly blinking, that no blood began to lift me,
    even more to my stress comes, but they still want you Vanessa .

    Chorus: (x2)

    occur at full throttle, let’s count,
    with this dirty hit burst into cars.
    occur at full throttle, do not lie down to sleep,
    above all, boys and women. (x2)