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    Desi Slava

    Be Your Girl


    Imagine the night
    with me by your side.
    Imagine the day
    I`m not far away.
    Like a sun in the day
    love will be the same .
    Like a bird in the sky
    my love will fly.
    i will fly.

    i can be your girl.
    i can rock your world .
    Is this love that last forever?
    Never let you go
    `cause I love you so.
    Baby, you`re my soul.

    are you here alona
    let me take your home
    let`s make me clear,
    I want you, my dear.
    You are all I desire
    you set my heart on fire
    you meke me alive
    you make me wild.I`m so wild.

    I know I`m not the perfect girl,
    but tell me is there in this world
    a girl with heard that loves you so.
    loves you so.