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    Desi Slava

    Horo Wrist


    Good le, mari nice when end kinases pass
    not strumming white Bakker, do not fret Create. When
    end kinases pass not lift dyulbena,
    not you see the person that I burned heart.
    Because teeb Good le flock’m left
    yesterday when I went herd dogs barked ma knew
    ma le Good that ran good to run.
    Rrr house I overtake, I’ve gone to offsetting
    Ivano Marie Ivanka Ivanka first venchilo,
    not you liube commanded, commanded more repeated,
    when levels are returning to go out to meet persons.
    Yes Younger and see great to see us envy.
    say liube people “Blessed is he this Demetrius.
    very bachelor Nachod but took bulche nice.
    face and a rose blossom-flesh and thin poplar.
    flesh and thin poplar-eyes and black cherries. “