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    Desi Slava

    In Other Life


    Something unspoken aloud
    nightly bed between us.
    I’m afraid that his name is
    “Impossible happiness”.
    If you still continue,
    with you will is the destruction.
    If you do not kill love,
    us we will kill it.
    Mangava, mangava, mangava Tut / x4 /
    Tu es plutôt mon genre,
    tu me fais perdre la tête,
    j’adore cet air méchant
    je voudrais goûter à tes lèvres,
    ce soir tu vas partir, chérie
    donne-moi ta main,
    embrasse moi tendrement
    Kiss me slowly,
    then go, love.
    not for you I’m apparently, not
    and in this very life.
    If you still continue,
    to you will be the destruction.
    If you do not kill love …
    … it will kill us.
    mangava, mangava, mangava Tut / x4 /
    in another life I’ll be yours,
    in another life.
    Farewell my great love!
    you go and remember.
    in another life I will not let anything stand
    between us.
    I keep them in my heart,
    in his heart.