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    Desi Slava

    Tuesday Was


    I remember everything like it was yesterday,
    Tuesday was raining.
    Your voice did not tremble,
    does not hurt that the words tumbled me.

    He said that another love I looked at them with eyes of mad
    and did not believe that happened to me this.
    most cruel sentence is far from you to be
    and suddenly I felt I hate love.

    Chorus: today
    not cry, and cry, now live to screw,
    when life is not fair, why I am.
    Corpses after me there, my love killing them,
    but if I’m happier, believe me I’m not.

    Each time the other bed,
    with you again compare them.
    Himself only wound
    and I’m sorry, how sorry.

    He said that love each other, they watched with eyes crazy,
    days not remember them then.
    I remember nights with heavy breath alcohol
    mistakes and vowed to have no mercy in love.

    Chorus: (x2)

    no, I’m not, not,
    I have not, no, I believe not.