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    Dessita and Galin



    Dessita, Dessita, Dessita
    to squish whether his wound, tell me if you’re ready?

    Directly they begin with the offer,
    because I see that they really like the view.
    from the menu, I’m the most well done,
    try, appetite comes with eating.
    and looked me in the download knockdown,
    lies that it was not he given.
    is Dessita fire will get burned,
    with two left can not uvardish me.

    Pharaoh sent me to dub,
    I’m new six of lottery.
    Any hopes his show,
    of me just does something better.
    not that something, not take it personally,
    but hang with me decently.
    Just look at you and throw them to knock,
    from low they climb Musala.

    Do not make plans,
    to draws conclusions early. We
    to be sure,
    only do you want from me, you piece.
    Oh-oh-oh today I can from Mojto change ringtone,
    my name becomes part of the password.
    are in love cupids in me,
    life as well allocates roles.

    Pripyat EB:

    Gather all my people and
    We are making boom-boom, not what anybody to linger.
    flocked little eyes, my coin,
    yell at them all yes, yes, yes, yes.
    And how your body helps me,
    makes every bad thought here it does.
    and without strain, kindly declare, that
    I will just get on Musala.
    Come on get me Musala!