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    You Are My Life


    From day to day I burn out without your love and was November day once a new impulse, but I was wrong, that was another day. I pay for it, so I miss your flesh and your warmth. Here I stand before you and please forgive! Give me your two hands and let fly, now I know what you love, not separation, you know just how hurt a soul covered in white!

    Chorus (x2)
    drip, drip today my tears of joy!
    and you shine my heart. I
    stray from each other and do not believe you, but
    minds now, I love only you!

    So He missed before, but here again here and never believe you do not replace with another.
    Pass your hand good and my take and reclaim the love after so many hard days. Happy vech now I am, I have to they men.I let God be with us in every coming den.Zapalvam candle in the temple of God for our lyubov.Kakvo you really already know you are my life!

    Chorus (x2)
    love you!
    forgave you, but be only mine!
    By the end only yours!