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    Dj Damyan and Bobetsa

    You Are My Sin


    Somebody’m not noticed,
    that I came and how I smeared?
    I want to break Thy idea
    and show you how easy it fits.
    sorry Miss! Call me an encore,
    show you someone else finiz.
    I am bad, and you’re cute generally, let
    again they slapped his butt.
    Chorus 2x
    You are my sin.
    With you I was born and burn.
    You remain my sweet pain, but
    to go can not you know.
    Again I go slightly romantic.
    Give gas, I’m a little cynical.
    best way to send season
    to climb the flagpole panties.
    Honey you’re my desire,
    I do not have elementary education.
    tonight everything you sell,
    come with me to show them how it works.