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    Dj Damyan

    Varna Train


    Heidi raises are train!
    Aide please, people-watching here!
    long as we did work Gypsy!
    Ihde, mango with mango! Whoo! Heidi bye!

    From below comes from Varna train,
    which brings me wine and cognac.
    Stop! Bring him back! I’d turn it back!
    End of alcohol, there is no how … (x2)

    From above comes Shumen train,
    also brings me wine and cognac.
    Hammer ! Palanga! Sharp turn!
    A car “Zhiguli” no slack! (X2)

    There is no hunger, no more coupons!
    We eat only chocolate, candy! (X2)

    Auu! What happened here with Gypsy affairs?
    Go here ma, go here!
    What are you doing with this very pig? Chshshsh!
    fish, bread, a bottle of Schweppes!
    Auu! What you omit ?! Please be so!
    so please, stop ma! Tsk - tsk - tsk …
    Aide Xia, give of my parents! Give from my parents! A Siga! Hey Tis is!
    Vince is for me, it - fortunately ointment!
    Grapes does not bloom in May - only wine know! (X2)

    Bate Kondyo - come on!
    Kaka Ina - rotates suck was!
    And Sophie Marinova,
    styler Johnny was adzhidla was!

    Kaka Ina - Come December!
    Bate Kondyo - I do not Schavan was!
    With this Vladi - and so!
    Masha Kathy was adzhidla was!

    Aide already become it - you belly danced! (X3)

    Auuu! Enough tsiganski works!
    Aide so please! Please th!