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    Dj Jerry and Valya

    I Can, But I Do Not Want To


    Day after day, stay away from me and
    listen again this very familiar refrain.
    must already be convinced that two
    with you no wrong.
    Why do you want me to be
    good, obedient and wise?
    expect a lot from me,
    even nice weather.
    Chorus / 2x /
    I, if I
    to stay with me until the end you. I
    , but do not want to stand
    ur male burden.
    expect my mistakes,
    and you feel infallible, but
    mistake I more
    than you think it does.
    Chorus / 2x /
    I’m with you, without you I
    feathers feathers feathers grand grand
    feathers feathers grand grand
    I’m with you without you I
    Dabududuba great tout tout paaaa!
    Chorus / x4 /