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    Drago Vladov and Desi Slava

    100 Dreams


    forgot sure the boy from the neighborhood, which
    from morning till evening before his unit played
    they see in magazines with glossy covers
    smelled like Armani, fans have hundreds
    For you I was single, I love you
    kissed wildly, but life sent
    on stage and me
    sent me down here where there are no sisters rich

    Desi Slava:
    Beautiful and a little wild
    flew, we live
    we shared everything with you
    fate divide us
    sigh, longing,
    not breathe as live
    Do not! Do not impossible
    back time not ..

    How I miss those days
    and the memory hurts
    I was a child, but I was a woman,
    with you I found love
    ‘ll come back you say,
    these lovers eyes
    hundred dreams, even one hundred and one
    with you I found love

    no champagne and you
    they will become your already super cool chick
    scar on the face just left me,
    when the show hit me security
    We were happy was my star
    eyes made me do wonders
    was not cool chick, and my girl
    Listen, Princess, I still love you!

    Chorus (x2)