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    My Reward


    I do not remember a day in my life -
    passed without I sing.
    But not once in its path -
    I sang with pain, with no voice.
    occurred to me to cry and even to give up,
    after unfair hit back.
    But when I stand before you
    and forget about everything else I do.
    Once in your eyes hot read,
    this song was written for me.

    Once sing with me and I feel now,
    that for me there is no more - greater reward than that.
    just your love keeps me in this life,
    lot have, as you have you!

    I’m not afraid of the words -
    of people who do not appreciate.
    Yes save your bullets,
    because I will support them!
    In whatnot passed,
    far reached wanted!
    I still, you with me! And when
    I stood before you and
    your voice blend with my voice
    fill me love and happiness
    and understand that cost is!

    just your love keeps me in this life
    and for me there is no greater reward than that.
    mY sing songs, BC collar word they know
    lot I have, as you have you!