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    Jacko Me


    Tired of guests, dammit, my heart does not say “Hotel”?
    With different names and faces, but with the same numbers.
    know your dream, I can be at your feet. A
    to do a “mar, mar”? At your service, sir!

    Jacko me, cool, cool, cool for me, where I cool my,
    with you? I’m cool, there’s no dream.
    As we enter and raise our glasses all the people cuz ours
    and guard us tarashi, just, cuz they are ours.

    Login, camera, action, boom, boom
    my heart in his hands, makes boom, boom.
    heart lass he does, boom, boom,
    crazy, boom, boom, no less, boom, boom.

    Well, here is how you do not,
    will make them important, what you do not.
    With moist eyes, how you do not,
    love to his knees, how did not.

    Nyak`vo, just like that, it becomes to,
    grief chasing me, but you will not catch me.
    Lips warm, cool in the cup,
    so for all my sucks.

    As the candles is with me love,
    not careful you’ll burn down the house.
    Sama not forsake her, and keep an eye on,
    that becomes dangerous, I said it.

    opened it, and bring Cupid Pérignon,
    drink with me for the mistakes that met me.