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    Dzhina Stoeva and Koko Kolev

    Love Avalanche


    With your voice caught the night with me your hand stroking it,
    float in darkness two eyes, do you, do you.
    in the hands dew gathered and the image you saw there,
    whisper with lips trembling, it’s you, it’s you.

    Chorus: (x2)
    you and I love avalanche,
    transform souls in one. I
    and you in this fateful meeting
    vow to eternity.

    Do not ask another world, I feel happy and so,
    to know fully that my days will be you, will you. you carry the
    me in his arms, do not tell even where,
    not want to know even if you with me, with me as you are.

    Chorus : (x2)

    you and I in this fateful meeting
    vow to eternity.