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    Dzhordan and Tedi Aleksandrova

    They Stop


    Shut your mouth, only nonsense,
    k’vi them talking again!
    Jump will plug my ears,
    to lighten them down.

    You can scrub, but something you stuck,
    change this repertoire.
    Give your frazichkite prevention,
    change you still is not.

    stop, stop, stop them
    bouts of movement.
    Hey, vizarzh come on march!
    studied on the behavior.

    stop, stop, pause they
    bouts of movement.
    and lock garage.
    Learn behavior.

    you my love Looks are deceiving me then, only
    you have not understood.
    If I do not they I wanted long already,
    tree eaten.

    I’m Sultan and my word weighs,
    and Staal Wha say.
    man like me has its principles
    observed to not punish.


    jealous you because I love you!
    Tell me I’m your girl?
    For separation does not want to hear
    with open eyes will still dream.

    Tell me, tell me, tell me!
    lie to me, lie to me, lie to me!
    they jealous because they love am!
    beside himself with grief does not look like

    For separation does not want to hear.
    to me another man does not exist.