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    Lone Wolf Vulk Edinak


    Georgia returned impact with a beautiful song. The singer signed with “Payner”. The music is Dido Kalpakov and Georgia, text- Georgia aranzhiment- Plamen Stanchev, Video - Ivomir Peshev. Success of the song.
    lone wolf
    outside his man inside his wolf. Who in his heart so they wounds? The blood of you paid with blood. What kind of person are you? In
    friends do not believe even .. Who is your enemy and who really ?! Everything about you is false and lazhi- lone wolf you are!
    Among them squish the top to you and buy souls. Sam live in a lonely world, you’re a lone wolf
    Among them squish the top to you. Bullet got scars. Sam go against the whole world-you’re a lone wolf.
    I love you, you say many women. Do not wince nothing teb- stone her. Lifetime concealing how they hurt you .. woman they wounds. Without Love does not enjoy anything without love for what you all ?! No man who loves nothing ..- not negates everything!
    Among them squish the top to you …

    Submitted by Alia Kirova on November 30, 2018, 05:16 p