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    Dzhuliya and Kristian Kirilov

    Day and Night


    I since you they will wake up in a single day, day, day of me you left,
    with those lips did not allow to know each attribute of mine, brought alive, do not count me.Chorus:
    my heart is not accommodation, you can these returns, with black tears will tattooed,
    day and night to curse me, unaware that my love for you is not dying.
    How to leave and forget, you can pretend you do not know me,
    ask me with who I am, ask me who I am, here I am, you already answered the question?Today, I second my talk, I do not know what to get involved with you, you know very heart smashed? Today, I
    third cursing me that because of me they can not have it, how I took them love. /

    Chorus: (x3)