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    Ekstra Nina and Kristis Kesaras

    To Reject Late


    You do not love a bang after which I first feel zhiv.Tryabvashe not hurt to wake up without proper eye ti.Beshe you do not belong in your life.

    I had not weighs, but to feel better after a breakup, but relieved you tell me no, you still my blood.
    and as long sip from the sea, the salty taste feel both of you as long as I kiss to know that quitting is kasno.I and to keep in my heart not to risk it with you new wounds, I feel that God in heaven pray does not end our love.Let people say how my life confused you, but you love it and it sort Ubyrs.
    with you one I learned my life began on this day in which we have to man for us to die.

    Chorus: X2