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    Ekstra Nina and Samir

    Trace Of Ring


    A new place for new people
    opened a new page.
    to forget that you live
    ran far end of the world.

    to a new location with a new name
    completely new woman I am today.
    and pretend everything is different,
    and there is no difference.

    not otuchih loving
    you think about day and night .
    not otuchih loving
    for you everything I remember more.

    trace of ring worn
    love me back me back stops breath.
    ring trace of defiance thrown
    how sorry about it now.

    Why I left, why fled? Why so
    threw love?
    trace of ring soul tightens
    and promises only loneliness.

    On new location in new people
    tried to be different.
    not want it, did not love her,
    I do not keep anything here.

    at the new location with a new name
    not become a new woman.
    not want it like you
    this is the whole truth. /

    not otuchih loving
    you think about day and night.
    not otuchih loving
    thee aircraft ichko me remember more.


    Only loneliness!