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    Ekstra Nina

    Eleno Mome


    Eleno lass, Elena, how many songs sung, lass
    the Elena, Elena, how words.
    Cause your Lence nice, pretty Lence, most personal, Lence
    Cause its nice, nice Lence, working.

    ELENKA Come, come, you Lenk married,
    ELENKA come on, come on, Kostadin to pristanesh.
    that miryasa village, and village Cité bachelors,
    to settle down village, and village Cité meraklii.

    Kotze is a young leader, Kotze is a young ergenche,
    long suck mustache you Lence nice. for
    you Lence good to you personal maid,
    for Lence good to you personal maid.

    If you take two, big wedding to be,
    if you take two ELENKA pristanesh.
    dam ke to come pevam, yet Arnie songs, beautiful,
    dam ke to come pevam, you should know and remember.