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    Ekstra Nina



    I love you, because of this hurts,
    everything I gave you love, dreams.
    truly clean with an open soul
    I believed blindly male words.

    With the joy bred girl, boy,
    barred the door of my heart.
    choked voice in my heart, I sensed
    fraud without self, without self.

    Sense find in children now,
    grandchildren warm the lonely soul.
    sunset without waiting blue eyes,
    but they repel me cold sparks.

    Who stealthily crept among us, who
    He grabbed it with clean hands?
    Who scatters hot coals,
    who made me in their feelings, in their feelings?

    I know the sunset comes finally,
    know it will be desolate pelvis room.
    I know I still love you,
    you gave myself in youth passion.

    pay cruel anguish,
    will pay waiting for you to pay.
    in days gone by, the sad autumn
    old pain with me to share. (x2)
    with me to share!