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    Ekstra Nina

    Le Sweetheart, Sweetheart


    Le sweetheart, sweetheart nice,
    why my grumpy?
    Why did my mourning,
    why me crying? Why me
    eyes watching,
    Why I do not aggregation? (x2)

    le bubble, sweetheart jackets,
    last night his poydoh water.
    Last night his poydoh water
    sr my faithful companions.
    End your’s gates fell asleep, they
    to vidam dam sweetheart. (x2)

    you do not Vido they sweetheart, just
    January Vido your mother. I
    January Vido your mother, your mother
    gates sat.
    me doing me disgrace,
    before my faithful companions.
    Heavy my words saying,
    hot cast my vows.

    le bubble, sweetheart jackets,
    not listen to her my mother.
    Do not listen to her my mother,
    my mother is old, does not know.
    can kukya watching, you
    sr me kukya ke watch.
    you pm me kukya ke looking
    and CO me ke vekuvash century.