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    Ekstra Nina

    Maid Varnaliyka


    Dimitrijka young girl, girl varnaliyka,
    early morning occurred, the yard is scum.
    sea is gone, sweetheart to meet,
    that fishermen had gone to catch fish.

    By Sea approached, mist fell,
    Talat she found an old fisherman crying.
    and they prayed, and their word fog big,
    do not go, stay, holiday is St. Nicholas.

    a small girl Dimitrijka, girl varnaliyka,
    our word, we cried, most sang his song.
    Listen you Sveti Nikola, today you pray
    hopefully hear my lovemaking to coast to come.

    Singing girl and does not stop its sea resounds,
    white gulls past her stopped to hear.
    sea flew, sweetheart, and to seek,
    song and be heard, even in the middle of the sea.

    heard all fishermen heard her sweetheart,
    of grass caught, headed toward shore.
    Praise you St. Nicholas, where our defendest,
    be holy thy name, songs you sing.

    All of coast out with her first love, dance
    krashno danced, sang songs are.
    Praise you St. Nicholas, you little lass
    and your name holy, songs to sing.