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    Ekstra Nina, Nikol and Nagona

    Alpha and Omega


    “I am Alpha and Omega! First and the Last.”

    “I do not see the Lord God that promiscuity among men on Earth is a big
    and that all their heart and thoughts were evil thought at any time .
    and the Lord God said: “The end of all flesh is come before my face!
    for the earth is filled with the villain of them and behold, I will destroy them from the earth.”

    No see you coming end of the world, we do not feel you lose everything then?
    Thus it is written, additions predicted.
    But we have to ask ourselves why, why did God even our angry?
    That right angels weep tears of blood.

    God, forgive our guilt, God, do not kill the Earth,
    God, you love us create it.
    God, darkness there waiting for us, God, keep light,
    God, do not tell me that you do not hurt.

    Does the sun above us will be humbled, really ice around us will melt completely? Do
    direction, our Earth will change?
    But we have to ask ourselves why, why did God even our angry? that
    pm ow angels weep tears of blood.


    On demon souls sold and became insensitive saints,
    now for their sins will suffer and asks who will save them ?
    What decides the good in people, and where the love gone?
    hate us short pieces and there begins the end of the world.
    money and power, money and fame, your prayers quote,
    brother, brother kill, impunity remains, it is not life, but hell.
    What breathe and drink what you poison eating away your years,
    you yourself put on chains, with incurable diseases.

    and how haunt your nature, injured his fate uneasy,
    greed, envy and malice, what else is human in man?
    entrainment million orphans, with wars of nonsense, and the world is collapsing,
    wealth of souls god, skirmished with your people.
    humbly involved about look, feel imbalance,
    world was created, to be fateful, Lord, please give us a second chance.