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    Ekstra Nina, Nikol and Nagona

    Triple Coalition


    Again dreamed in mad passion
    Bate Boiko between us,
    Wow, you know how Nicole
    see him naked.

    Sweet dream was, dear Nina
    will be extra three.
    Two blondes, not a
    past male rock.

    Bate Boiko, 100%
    ‘ll pick percent!
    With you in the triple jump coalition
    without rehearsal.

    Bate Boiko, 100%
    will shake the parliament!
    sex symbol - master of
    women in Bulgaria.

    I will knock here and there
    general’s fist.
    With Tez broad shoulders
    May we will break ribs.

    Pretty interesting dude
    not forgive, but I do.
    strength, passion, power heap
    no other competition.


    I do not care about Rubbish
    and even holes.
    upload them underground
    our European ride, ride.


    Bate Boiko!
    Well, you two are very naughty and!
    will shake the parliament.
    Chez shake, but if you tie.

    Come on enough was!

    Batentse if you want ‘lands them t fringe
    without ‘Tis of naked Chez more interesting.
    If you do not act, I will assume
    position 03 - a pattern of theme.

    Read scenarios in female fantasy
    porn policy for diversity.
    mandate will be very tense
    drive will cause all to bed.

    Now is the crisis demographics are bad
    it’s good for a man to fall for two.
    And they both have dough silicone
    supported by SMS to phone.

    You have a message!Chorus:

    Hey, cutie!