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    Ekstra Nina



    No, do not yell after me, I’m not running from you,
    you can not hear my rhythm in life, you can not stop me.
    not kill me this fiery embers,
    no, do not stop me this bright fire, I do not want to be here.
    I do not know if I already share two heart
    and breathe alone.

    no, do not yell after me, I do not stop here,
    I do not want to be your fault alive, no, I can not stop.
    I wonder why you do not look ahead,
    I wonder why you build a wall with you I can not fly.
    dragged me like water, like a pipedream,
    not, I will not be here.

    Chorus: (x2)
    Stop, this pain in me crying,
    as sad willow, as bright a single star.

    You close to me doors, the doors to my dream,
    doors to my soul, leaving me without light. (x2)

    Chorus: (x3)