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    In the box with feelings one was it? They tortured, yet silent,
    that will tell you that I sleep on the couch since they will in my life.
    But today the issue will piss you off, what you lack, to be happy?
    I was not such what I got? I turned into a crazy than it hurts.

    You hold our love with dirty hands, why do you want this pain stop?
    ready to do anything to break me right, I suffer when I know that you suffer.
    Do not call me love in other words, to go without me if you ready?
    not you look at me with ice in his eyes, I secretly keep you in my heart .

    for the time that I hear say cure, forgot about it, but not for us,
    this life the most expensive I think, with wounds you pay for love?
    From today Venture kiss me, that you lack to be happy
    just feel so treated, did you see that without each other our world is wrong.

    Chorus: (x2)