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    Emi Stambolova

    At The Wedding


    At the wedding the most solemn hour,
    when the fun will overflowing
    and speeches will read in a solemn voice,
    and I will be most happy!

    Will you come - uninvited and nezvan -
    and all eyes will stare at you.
    and only a guest drunk
    with puffy eyes will smile!

    Chorus (x2)
    with concern’ll watch my sister, and my mother
    of you will speak:
    “This is it … This is our acquaintance …
    Why did he come is here? … “

    will you sit down at the table next to me
    and all eyes will stare at us.
    eyes will ask:” Why did you come? ”
    and you will look down sad.

    and then will become of your chair,
    my heart will wince soul will cry.
    will hlopnesh your front door,
    tell me: “I came only to see you …”

    Chorus (x4)
    With affection I will look into this bright hour,
    my heart for a moment to speak:
    “that’s it, that’s my boy!
    I forget it … Why? Why? …”