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    Emi Stambolova

    Stolen Dawn


    World of beauty, white doves shrink sheet at their nest,
    I am again alone in a room without a soul how it hurts.
    In a world of loneliness I have no strength, everything is collapsing without love hurts,
    I’m still alone in the home of silence where are you?

    Chorus: (x2)
    you stole my dawn, with eternal darkness fills my heart,
    not, I do not want to silence two tears to arouse our child.

    a world of loneliness, fallen leaves I walk among them with your son in hand,
    but where you are, steps and tears how it hurts.
    world of beauty, I’m not alone, your son to me he is my day, my
    socket, power and love, my call.

    Chorus: (x2)