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    Emiliya and Emanuela

    I Do Not Care


    You heard nyak’va new city,
    very nasty bitch was.
    It had not pity her,
    since nyakav poop it before.
    pawn in that game,
    you check they do now.
    hear mat is doing himself,
    go, go.

    As a new you saw? there
    you where I slept.
    fill and empty thou?
    And you what you?
    like me, like me,
    when you see me with another.
    deliberately do you get all here, you order
    favorite songs to me.
    And you what you?
    I do not care!

    what I heard, that’s your type? Who will
    with you dirty movie?
    now become true now
    down when no any.
    All candles
    redeem them for me them light.
    If you like sleeping in the church,
    not return.


    arrive, park emotion understudy, you enter
    there will stuff.
    speed dialing, robbing banks,
    city book for her kill.
    I do not explain get up and get out,
    tonight I’m here buzz is.
    Hey, buffoon with each want to lie,
    put to sleep if they personally reach out to her.


    I do not care!