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    Emiliya and Slavka Kalcheva

    Knowing Little Girls


    Know, know little girls
    know know to not marry
    women, black Chernin
    women, women, women’s party
    women, women,
    black black women, women, women’s parties

    when is when is virgin mother
    white is white is like tow
    white is white is as tow
    red, red, apple
    white is white, such as a tow
    red, red, apple

    when is, when it is, girls marry
    fade, fade away, like a sapling
    Mom her mom her early waking
    awake, alert, quietly silent
    Mom her mom her early waking
    awake, alert, quiet silent

    January Get her get up, daughter-her get up
    everyone, everyone, the bride stanalye
    all are vsikchki are bride stanalye
    cold, cold water doneslye
    cold, cold water doneslye
    and equal, and equal poly on me