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    Expres, Krisko and Dzhuliya

    Me and You


    It all started in the cold months with a message and
    gum woke up every day like you though
    was the only picture in the net face and eyes
    golden feet had occupied but I am
    waited patiently for the moment to moment
    beautiful when I realized that you already own smashed into the wall word
    just how to forget Rrr first meeting and how to
    forget first kiss hot you want to
    embrace every day and night you made me vzae with greatness and power with
    you feel strong and free
    every bad memory of deeply buried remember
    March and 16 th NPC remember? is these days you Mojto
    I remember the first kiss in that coffee
    mentioned to her hardly going to die together with you every day for the past
    zabraih like I was reborn character
    us insidious bad play but struggled hearts that love
    know many mistakes and a lot of pain
    eyes and running down your tears knowing that forests
    vicious bickering and no inferior love
    stay with us and still thrill want you to know that
    you’re my girl your face is clear of drop
    snowdrop will protect me and love in the heart
    see your face when you look at the sky
    let’s not forget those days, days in which I call
    and ti.Obicham they Julia